How Can We Start Your Home Search?

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1. Meet With a Lender

A lender will help you figure out your finances and set your budget. Getting pre-approved is essential before you start your search.

Not sure who to use? We work closely with several trusted lenders that we can recommend.

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 2. Introduction Consultation

We'll meet at our office, get to know each other, and go through the buying process. We'll answer any questions and start getting an idea of what you're looking for.

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3. Set Up a Search 

We'll use your preferences to set up an automatic search that will email all available listings directly to you. This is the fastest and most accurate search method that comes directly from the Middle TN MLS feed.

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4. Tour Properties

See a home that you like in your search? We'll coordinate a viewing time and accompany you on a private property tour. 

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5. Make an Offer 

Once you're ready to make an offer, we'll discuss a strategy for getting you the property with the best terms possible. We will guide you through all negotiations and make sure you know the finer points of the deal.

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6. Contingencies

Congratulations - you're under contract! From here we'll help you set up inspections and the appraisal, resolve any repair issues, and get all your finances ready to go. 

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7. Walk-Through and Closing 

Before it's yours, we'll meet you at the property for a final walk-through to verify the condition. On closing day, we'll meet you at the closing attorney's office to sign the final paperwork.


 Ready to go? Search Available Homes