In 2009, Allen started bringing together a real estate team that would stand out from the crowd. Coming from a family deeply entrenched in Tennessee’s housing market, he knew exactly what it would take to create a client experience that went above and beyond.

After 14 years of real estate experience, Allen saw that the average real estate experience was too transactional and was convinced there was a more client-centric process to selling real estate. He had a vision of a new brokerage model, which spurred the creation of WH Properties in 2017.

Through a strong belief in a true team atmosphere directed by a hand-picked group of amazingly qualified professionals, WH Properties is people-driven. It seeks to create a personalized experience for each client – one that is customized, unique, and places the client’s needs above all else. Come check out the difference for yourself!




Allen Huggins +
Real Producers

WH Properties Founder and Lead Reator, Allen Huggins, was featured on the front cover of the May 2018 edition of Real Producers, Nashville’s premier real estate magazine


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